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  • Be aware - thieves about
    Be aware – thieves about
    There was a recent break in to a container on private land in Church road Whinburgh, thieves cut through the fence and broke into a...
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  • Local Walk
    Local Walk
    There are a number of local walks in the area, some are well known and well used, others less so. Norfolk Trails has documented one...
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  • Faster Broadband
    Faster Broadband
    Whinburgh to get Broadband speed boost. The initial work has now been completed by Openreach and we are only waiting for BT to connect us…...
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  • Glass Recycling
    Glass Recycling
    There is a glass recycling facility in the Mustard Pot Car park. If you recycle your bottles and glass here you can help reduce potential...
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  • Whinburgh Music Festival
    Whinburgh Music Festival
    The Whinburgh Music Festival aims to raise money for St. Mary’s Church in Whinburgh. At generally takes place in July on an annual basis. The...
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